Carrier Neutral,
Purpose-built Tier 3+ to 4+ Colocation

Our founder team of ISP datacentre experts has built and managed hundreds of thousands of square feet of raised floor across Canada.

Today, we are disrupting the self-serve hosting market with a no-frills, carrier neutral, wholesale priced colocation model that culminates more than a decade of experience delivering to this industry.

Considering Your Options

Reach out to speak to the only carrier neutral data center in Canada’s National Capital region offering colocation and server hosting for internet connectivity, geographical redundancy, and disaster recovery.


“The greatest challenge we faced as a growing international cloud service provider is the cost, service and flexibility. To save on monthly datacenter power while remaining competitive in the marketplace. To have a strong partnership with our closest vendors, no matter what size of business we are. To have the flexibility to customize/adapt our Colocation space while not being bound to a specific vendor, and most of all, to be able to control our service, end to end for our customers. Purecolo continues and allows us to meet and upkeep this promise to customers, and that is why we continue to grow and will remain partners for years to come.”

Shawn Ebbs

CEO, DNSnetworks Corp / VoIPStratus

“We love what PureColo has delivered in the Ottawa market as a no-frills, carrier-neutral alternative for data center space. The team has a customer-centric approach paired with a business plan that gives real options for server colocation in a region that could use a competitor.”

Paul Hulford

CEO, Attain Insight

“The team at PureColo were great at putting to rest any concerns we had over switching to a new facility. The flexibility and support this team has provided us with core hosting infrastructure unlock all sorts of new value for both us and our future clients.”

Ron Carson

Director of Client Support, Attain Insight

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