From Geek Solutions Team:

Geek Solutions is proud to partner with PureColo to offer affordable Internet Transit in the Ottawa Market. A strategic partnership to facility the growth of affordable, reliable direct internet access in a truly carrier neutral facility.
We’re excited to be apart of this growing community where Geek Solutions was founded. Geek Solutions started in a garage in Barrhaven, and now has a global presence. We thank our customers, and future customers, for their patronage.
As we’re preparing to launch our IP transit presence in Ottawa, the time is now to claim your transit link-up on Day 1 of our launch! Our prices will increase for new orders after our launch to the regular advertised prices on our website (
Want to get onboard? Our PureColo launch price of $150.00 per month on a 12 month contract. We will honour this price indefinitely for our early bird customers, that is our Geek Commitment. The $150.00 Pricing will no longer be available starting on October 1st, 2020, and new orders will be processed at $300.00/month after the early bird pricing is no longer available.
If you’d like to order for our Early Bird PureColo launch, please contact [email protected].